This Eye-Opening Map Shows The Reason Gas Is More Expensive In Some States Than Others

Government always messes things up.
Check it out:

As the summer travel season hits full force, a common question is “Why is gas so expensive?”

As this chart shows, a big chunk of the cost of gas goes to state and federal taxes.

The federal excise tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, and the rest of the taxes are particular to each state and vary greatly around the country.

The two states with the biggest taxes: New York at $0.505 and California at $0.4978. The two states with the lowest taxes: Alaska at $0.124 and New Jersey at $0.145.

Expressed as a percentage, based upon current prices which are $3.678 as averaged across the nation, the price for a gallon of gas breaks down like this:
10% for refining costs and profits
10% for transportation and retailing costs and profits
13% for taxes and fees
67% for crude oil



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