Why is Elizabeth Warren campaigning in red states?

Amazing that so called moderate Democrats will campaign with a liberal radical like Warren.
Check it out:

Eleven days ago, West Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Natalie Tennant was brandishing a rifle in a local parade.

Today, she’s standing next to liberal icon Elizabeth Warren on stage.

It may trigger some cognitive dissonance to picture Warren in one of the reddest states on the 2014 Senate map—but the freshman senator from Massachusetts has nothing to lose and everything to gain by helping out Democratic candidates in important races this year, particularly if she’s considering a national campaign in 2016 or beyond.

She’s proving that she can be a good Democratic soldier by helping the party where and when it needs her most, and she’s proving that her appeal and the appeal of her populist message extends far beyond deep-blue Massachusetts.

While Warren has used her fundraising prowess to send pleas on behalf of many 2014 candidates, she’s making more-frequent in-person appearances this summer, a trend her team says will continue through November. Monday’s West Virginia event was Warren’s fourth stop for a 2014 Senate candidate; she’ll campaign with her fifth 2014 candidate, Rep. Gary Peters, in Michigan on Friday.



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