After Election Day, Dems Could Be Heading For The Lifeboats

Liberals need to be out of power and marked up as a lesson learned.
Check it out:

If you think President Obama’s administration has unraveled, the denouement could be just beginning. Its real consequence would come when congressional Democrats, who have remained extremely loyal to the president, begin to split from him. If they do — and November election losses could drive that — America could see a presidency come apart.

The latest nationwide Quinnipiac poll shows Mr. Obama’s deepening trouble. A plurality of respondents (45 percent) said the country would have been better off if Mitt Romney had won in 2012, and Mr. Obama rated first (33 percent) in voting for America’s worst post-World War II president.

Mr. Obama’s overall approval rating was just 40 percent, and was only this high because 79 percent of Democrats still approve of him. In comparison, only 31 percent of independents and 10 percent of Republicans do.

Not only have Democratic voters remained supportive of the president, but congressional Democrats have largely done so, too — despite many needing more than Democrats’ votes to win their elections.



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