Egypt’s Draft Truce Ushers Hamas’ Rivals Into Gaza

Muslims will eventually team up with other Muslims to defeat their common enemy.
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The current version of the Egypt-brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has Hamas’ Fatah rivals taking over the border crossings between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian official told WND.

The official said the truce would allow Fatah’s militias to control the Egypt-Gaza borders, bringing Fatah back to the Gaza Strip in an official capacity for the first time since Hamas deposed Fatah from the territory in a 2007 military coup.

Israel has agreed to back the Egyptian proposal, while there is a debate within Hamas about accepting the renewed presence of Fatah forces in the Gaza Strip, the Egyptian official said.

Hamas’ military wing has entirely rejected the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire while the group’s political leaders largely accepted the truce, said the official.

Behind the scenes, Hamas is attempting to bring in Turkey and Qatar as mediators to broker a truce that would be more favorable toward Hamas, the official said. Israel for now is rejecting Turkey and Qatar as mediators.

While a short-term truce is being negotiated, WND reported earlier this week that among its conditions for a long-term cease-fire, Hamas is demanding its own corridor to the Mediterranean Sea as well as the reconstruction of an airport in the Rafah region of the Gaza Strip, according to Egyptian diplomatic sources.



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