Diseased Illegals Coming To Your Neighborhood

This is part of the reason why we have legal ways to come here.
Check it out:

As thousands of children and other illegal immigrants stampede across our wide-open borders, they bring with them poverty, desperation, anti-Americanism and demands for support by the U.S. taxpayer.

They also bring diseases and illnesses that at least until now were uncommon in the United States, a litany of health problems. Cities that have become dumping grounds for illegal aliens are already Ground Zero for this wave of plague, which invariably will spread to other communities, wherever the released immigrants go, compounded by people they’ve contacted.

Some numbers from the first three alien flights into San Diego are alarming. This information has either been kept from the media, or the media are keeping it from the public — it’s unclear which is the case. The following information was provided by a senior Border Patrol source on condition of anonymity.

The first three flights of illegal aliens caught in Texas and sent to the Chula Vista and other Border Patrol stations in San Diego consisted of about 420 immigrants who were processed and released.

Of those, more than 100 had been diagnosed with scabies, a parasitic infection in which a microscopic mite burrows under the skin, causing an intense itch and allergic reaction. Classified by the World Health Organization as a water-related disease, the infection can be passed by objects and more commonly by skin contact.

Multiple children had fevers caused by unidentified illnesses.



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