With terrorists unleashed, Israel is right in the crosshairs.
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A Palestinian teen was abducted and killed Wednesday, Palestinians said, accusing Israeli settlers of conducting a revenge attack for the deaths of three Israeli youths.

The discovery of the teen’s body sparked clashes between Palestinians and authorities.

Just hours after Israel buried the three teens, relatives of Mohammed Abu Khdeir said the 17-year-old was forced into a car in a neighborhood of east Jerusalem before it sped off. A burned body was found shortly afterward in a Jerusalem forest.

Later Wednesday, Abu Khdeir’s family said it had identified the body. The teen’s cousin, Saed Abu Khdeir, said the family believed the youth was killed by Israelis in an act of revenge.

“It’s a clear crime by settlers in revenge for the killing of the three,” he said. Abu Khdeir said the family witnessed security camera footage of the suspected kidnapping, which purported to show a car nearing Mohammed Abu Khdeir and taking him away.

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