The amazing thing is how liberals claim Obama is a big time deporter.
Check it out:

The number of illegal immigrant minors being sent back to their country of origin has dropped 80 percent under Barack Obama.

In 2008 there were 8,143 deportations. In 2013 there were 1,669.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this lack of border law enforcement is now an impetus to other minors seeking to come here illegally.

Even “nonborder states” feel the weight of it, and deportation from those states has dropped significantly too. “About 600 minors were ordered deported each year from nonborder states a decade ago. Ninety-five were deported last year.”

And the minors entering the country are not simply from Mexico, but also “from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.” The number of minors apprehended from these countries has increased from “fewer than 4,000” a year during the last decade, to “39,133 between last October and June 15.”

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