Dems Don’t Want You to See the Refugee Camps or Know Where the Kids are Sent

Liberals are really getting away with this.
Check it out:

So they say this is a humanitarian crisis on the border, right? We have established that there are no telethons, unusually so, that Michelle Obama nor anyone else from the Regime has offered a hashtag to engender support for what’s going on. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, if what’s happening at the border really is a humanitarian crisis, it’s gotta be the first humanitarian crisis that has not been aired live on national TV in 60 years. And the question is, why? Every humanitarian crisis, I don’t care if it’s a volcano, if it’s a tsunami, if it’s kidnaps, if it’s Amber Alerts, I don’t care what it is, if it’s Hurricane Katrina, you’re guaranteed to have Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith on site standing 10 feet away from each other reporting on it 24/7.

Where the hell are they? There’s no cable news network anywhere near this humanitarian crisis. There’s not a camera anywhere near this humanitarian crisis. There isn’t a telethon, there isn’t a hashtag, and the president is out shooting pool and complaining that the Republicans want to sue him, i.e., impeachment. He’s aloof. He’s totally unengaged or disengaged, and they say that this is a humanitarian crisis?

Name one for me that hasn’t been on television. Starving kids in Somalia. “We Are the World,” you name ’em. One right after another. Every damn one of them is on television with cable news. Missing airplane, humanitarian crisis. No pictures allowed. United States senators, US congressmen, members of the media not permitted anywhere near the humanitarian crisis. No cameras allowed. Why?



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