Dems to Illegals: America’s Doors are Open

Obama seems to have some kind of plan. Though his plans frequently backfire.
Check it out:

Did you know that immigration was literally suspended from 1924 to 1965? Well, it was. And do you know why it was suspended? There’s a very logical reason why it was suspended. It was called assimilation, which wasn’t that hard, because most of the people that arrived wanted to become Americans. There was a distinct American culture. There was a distinct American morality. There was a distinct language. It was English. There was a distinct concept, individual liberty and freedom, government serving people. It was all new. It had never been done before, truly unique and exceptional in the sense of an exception to the norm.

So during the years that immigration was suspended, all of the immigrants, beginning with the Irish and then the Germans and the Polish and the Eastern Europeans of all kinds just flooded into this country, fleeing oppression, bondage, war, economic strife, poverty, but they all came here wanting to become Americans. And immigration was suspended to absorb and to accommodate the massive numbers who had arrived. And assimilation is simply people from different parts of the world coming here and becoming American, because they wanted to. There was no force applied. There was no oppression. There were no mandates that you had to. It was something people wanted to do. They wanted to learn English.

They held on to their native tongues and they held onto their native cultures, and they lived together in various neighborhoods and wherever, but they wanted to become American, because it meant and really special and unique. They all learned English and they all became educated in the American public education system, which was one of the greatest education systems ever at that time. They learned our national holidays, for example, and why they were celebrated. They learned about the American founding, all of this in the public school system.

They learned about the Founding Fathers. They learned why they wanted to come here. They knew from afar they wanted to come. They knew what it represented. They knew that this was a repository for hope, liberty, freedom, prosperity, success. However they defined the good life, it was here. And once they got here, they and their children learned how America came to be and why, who the people were that founded it and what they risked, what they gave up, what they sacrificed. And during this period of assimilation there wasn’t any of this drivel that is taught today as part of the multicultural curriculum.



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