Well…. This is kind of funny.
Check it out:

Estakio Beltran, a Democrat running for Congress in Washington’s 4th district, just released a campaign ad that should have anti-Second Amendment liberals in an absolute tizzy.

The ad shows Beltran playing tough guy to an apparently menacing elephant piñata, and taking it out with a single shot to it’s paper mache backside.

Laced with symbolism, the elephant represents the seat Beltran is running for, a seat being vacated by GOP congressman Doc Hastings who is retiring, and a position in which several other Republican elephants are pursuing.

Beltran asks, “What happens to elephants who stand around doing nothing for too long?”

The answer comes rather swiftly, with Beltran shooting the piñata. The innocent and completely unarmed elephant falls to its doom in dramatic slow-motion cinematography.

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