The Democrat Party Depends on People Not Reaching Their Potential

Government dependency is what makes the democrat party grow.
Check it out:

We all know that’s the objective. The objective, Obama wants the legalization of the people already here. And there’s no question that this influx of 300,000 since April is designed to put pressure on the system and the Republicans so that they cave and agree to it. Okay, let’s say that happened. Is this influx gonna then stop? It won’t, will it? But even if every illegal alien in the country was automatically granted citizenship, wouldn’t that, in fact, tend to increase the numbers approaching our borders? How in the world would what Obama wants solve this? It wouldn’t. But it doesn’t matter.

The thinking is these are people from war torn, poverty stricken countries, and they’re just seeking a better life, and who are we to deny them? “Anybody coming to my country that wants to improve their life, I say let them come.” That’s the refrain you hear from a lot of Americans. To them it’s a matter of American pride that so many people want to come here to improve their lot in life. But are they? Is that what happens to them? Maybe in comparison to where they’re coming from, perhaps.

It’s a challenging thing because the Democrats own this whole notion that they are compassionate. And yet it doesn’t compute with me, when you look at the plight. Look at the vast majority Democrat voters, what is compassionate? Jack Kemp had this saying I’ve never forgotten, I’ve always loved it, about conservatives. “We measure compassion by counting the number of people who no longer need assistance, cradle to grave assistance.” That’s the true measure of compassion, that you’ve actually taught people to help themselves, rather than remain trapped in this victim and victimized mentality, which the Democrat Party clearly sponsors and promotes.

But to say something like that is just outrageous. “Why, how dare Mr. Limbaugh say that. That is so insensitive.” That’s how they succeed with this. They characterize any common-sensible analysis as extremism and mean-spirited. It’s just the exact opposite. We want the absolute best for everybody. We want everybody to have the absolute best life possible. And you’re just not gonna get that. You’re just not gonna get that in a country run by the Democrats as they are currently constituted. And I give you as Exhibit A, the country.



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