It is disgusting that liberals are using children like this.
Check it out:

A Fox News exclusive report by Jana Winter reveals that dead children have been found in and along the banks of the Rio Grande: Commentary by Joe Wurzelbacher.

“… they come over on rafts ferried by “coyotes,” … Many don’t make it across the river… Discoveries of small, lifeless bodies washed up along the riverbank.”

Damn you Barack Obama.

Damn you and your agenda, your “fundamental change,” your pen, your phone, your golf game and your wife too, while we’re at it.

The blood of these innocent children, drawn to the US border through Mexico – many assaulted, starved, raped and now drowned – are on your hands.

You encouraged them to be rented out to adults who know their odds of getting across the border skyrocket with a child in tow. It’s your actions and inactions that set them on a journey of horrors with a wink and a nod that once they’re here – they can stay. The message is clear.

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