Cop Pummels Woman On Highway Median

Do they forget they have tasers? So often they use deadly force or brutality when they could have just used a taser.
Check it out:

The California Highway Patrol claims the officer subdued the woman for her own protection, but the scene passing motorists captured on video reveals instead what witnesses are calling “brutal” and “animalistic” excessive force.

David Diaz, a music producer, was on the onramp from La Brea Avenue to the Interstate-10 Freeway in Los Angeles earlier this week, when he captured on video a woman meandering toward the highway.

A CHP officer then approached the woman, wrestled her to the ground and began pummeling her, punching her repeatedly in the head while Diaz and his friends looked on in horror.

The video captures the officer winding up and punching the woman as many as 11 times, before another man – later revealed to be an off-duty police officer in plain clothes – arrived to help subdue and handcuff her.

“There was no weapons; it’s obviously excess force at this point,” Diaz told KABC-TV, Los Angeles. “You can use strength without punching. The most animalistic, most brutal [way] to subdue someone is to pound their face into the concrete with really big blows to the head.”



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