The Contraception Decision was Based on Bill Clinton’s Law!

Liberals will always want government to pay for their abortion pills.
Check it out:

The next thing that I want to explain to you is something in the Supreme Court ruling referred to as the RFRA. It is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and it dates to 1993. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed into law by Bill Clinton, and it is exactly what it says. It is a bill that was designed to restore freedom of religion to people who had seen it evaporate over the years. And it is remarkable that if you go back to 1993, Democrats voted for this bill unanimously — well, in the House and Senate it was unanimous. That’s how much things have changed just since 1993.

It is a 1993 United States federal law. It’s a statute aimed at preventing other laws that burden anyone’s free exercise of their religion. The bill was passed by unanimous vote in the House, a near unanimous vote in the Senate. There were just three dissenting votes there. It was signed into law November of ’93 by Clinton in the middle of his first year.

I think it’s really interesting to note here that there was a time when Democrats supported in near unanimous fashion the concept of religious freedom. It’s pronounced “riffra,” when you pronounce the acronym. And that, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is what was essentially on trial in the Hobby Lobby case. The Supreme Court ruled that the government’s contraception mandate, which was after Obamacare was signed into law, remember, Sebelius did all of this after the bill was passed by Congress, signed by Obama.

This was an added regulation. It was essentially an executive order that Obama made Sebelius do. And the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the government’s mandate that employers provide contraception was a violation of Bill Clinton’s law. Hobby Lobby was simply saying we already have a federal law that supports us. It is a Bill Clinton law that was signed into law in 1993. We have had our religious freedom restored. We already have the freedom to do this. We are not violating a law. And indeed, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was essentially upheld, and Obama’s regulation or executive order was slapped down.



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