Congressman denied entry to illegals camp

What could they not want him to see?
Check it out:

There’s yet more disturbing information emerging about what’s happening on our borders. Thanks to Judicial Watch, here’s the latest: “Following reports that soldiers were booted from their barracks at an Oklahoma Army base to make room for a wave of illegal immigrant minors, the Obama administration is refusing to give the federal lawmaker who represents the state in Congress access to the facility.” What does the administration want to hide?

Congressman Jim Bridenstine tried to visit Ft. Sill, but was denied access to the facility. Judicial Watch says “in a statement issued this week Congressman Bridenstine’s office says Ft. Sill is housing up to 1,200 Unaccompanied Alien Chidren (UACs), but the lawmaker couldn’t offer any more information because he wasn’t allowed inside. He says a fence covered with material that totally obscures any view has been erected around the barracks housing the UACs.

Ft. Sill is located in Lawton about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and serves as the United States Army and Marine Corps’ Field Artillery School, housing nearly 9,000 soldiers. Ft. Sill was my first duty station as a brand new Artillery officer — as well as that of my “Redleg” nephew (not a racist term for you liberal progressives, by the way).



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