We Could Close Everything During the Gov’t Shutdown, But We Can’t Close the Border?

This is because liberals don’t want the border secured.
Check it out:

You remember, ladies and gentlemen, the fuss over the sequester? Real but very small budget cuts, not reductions in the rate of growth, but actual budget cuts. I mean, they were infinitesimal and they outraged Obama. It was his idea, and the Republicans called his bluff, and there was a sequester, and it ticked him off.

But do you remember, during the sequester Obama was able to close down the Washington National Mall. He was able to stop veterans ceremonies. He was able to shut down the Blue Ridge Parkway. He was even able to shut down the Grand Canyon, visits to the Grand Canyon.

He was able to shut down visits to Jellystone National Park. While the World War II Memorial was shut down, he allowed I think it was an anti-Israel or pro-immigration rally or some such thing to go on at that place when he was preventing World War II vets from making perhaps their once in a lifetime visit to the memorial, things they had saved money for, planned for, and he used the sequester as the excuse for shutting things down, randomly selecting things to shut down, yet he tells us that he can’t close the border.

And Democrat Party tells us they can’t close the border, but look at what they can randomly shut down whenever they want to. They can shut down the Mall. They can shut down veterans ceremonies at World War II memorials. They can shut down the Grand Canyon. You know the things they were shutting down. But, “No, no, no, can’t shut down the border.” And then in addition to that Obama’s been able to keep congressmen and reporters out of all of these detention centers and military bases that are housing the latest illegal aliens, but he can’t keep little children from crossing the Rio Grande.



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