Christie: GOP Can Run Big Government Best

This is exactly why we need to elect true conservatives.
Check it out:

CHRISTIE: “What I think is we need less government being intrusive in our lives in every way that it is. Now, there are absolute fundamental roles for government, which is protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens. And so I believe in a strong and vigorous national defense. I believe that government has an appropriate role in regulating different activities that go on in the country. But I think what’s happened is that there’s a divide between the two parties where, who can do most of that best? It’s not that Republicans don’t believe government has a role.”

Well, there you have it. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The argument is no longer a big, intrusive, too large government; the argument is who’s gonna run the Big Government better. Governor Christie is trying to make the case that the Republicans are better at running a big monolith than the Democrats are. “Hey, we Republicans, it’s not that we don’t think government has a role!

“We just think the question is: Who can do the most the best?” That’s what he said. “Who can do most of that best? Who can do the most of the best?” That’s what the arguments come down to, and the Weekly Standard editorial position is: The American people have voted for Big Government. They want it. We have to tell ’em we’re better at running it.

Among the Republicans inside-the-Beltway, there’s no desire to fight for a smaller government. There’s an acceptance of what is, and they claim it’s rooted in this is what the American people are voting for. “We’re silly if we try to oppose this, Mr. Limbaugh,” they tell me. “You’re never gonna win an election running on small government. Look, way too many people need it. Too many people depend on it. Too many people want it.

“We cannot just wish that away. We wish it weren’t the case, but it is. So our strategy has to be that we’re smarter and that we’re better and we’ll be less intrusive as we.” Well, that’s not a choice. That’s not really a choice, because a Big Government can’t be run efficiently. A Big Government can’t be run smarter. That’s the old argument modern day liberals make to explain away the failures of Gorbachev and Stalin and Lenin and Mao.



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