Why Cheer a 5-4 Decision for Hobby Lobby? Freedom and Liberty are Hanging by a Thread!

We can only hope Obama doesn’t get to name another Justice in his last few years.
Check it out:

Hillary Clinton thinks that the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case is a step toward the kind of anti-women policy seen in extremist, undemocratic nations. Now, look, you in this audience know exactly what happened in the Hobby Lobby ruling.

Can I tell you the truth about the Hobby Lobby ruling? We’re in such dangerous territory in terms of losing our freedom that we cheer when five out of nine people uphold the Constitution. We’re not advancing anything, folks. We are barely hanging on here. The Constitution is clear in what it says. But the problem in this country — and this has bothered me for I don’t know how many years. Well, it’s bothered me practically the whole time I’ve been doing this show for 25 years.

It seems like the vast majority — not vast, but way too large a number of Americans think that the government can do no wrong; that the government should fix what the government breaks. It’s always frustrated me that people have been willing to give up freedom or give up liberty in exchange for what they think are benefits or security or safety or what have you. And there has been this trend away from self-reliance for a long, long time.

Self-reliance is now a bad thing. Self-reliance, individualism is a bad thing. Going along with the crowd, agreeing with everybody, adapting to the conventional wisdom, that’s what everybody wants you to do. Controversy, can’t have that. We don’t want to be around people that disagree. We don’t want to be around people that say things that we don’t.

So we had a case where a privately held corporation said the First Amendment grants us the right to practice our religion, freedom from any interference. The government cannot tell us what to worship, how to worship, who to worship, when to worship. And they said, “We have a religious belief against abortion. So we are not going to make available to our employees, we are not gonna pay for drugs that kill a human embryo, pure and simple.” There are 20 approved contraceptives in this country. Sixteen of them Hobby Lobby provides. Four of them they chose not to.



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