Why is Biden Saying Change Didn’t Happen?

Biden certainly is a bag of hammers.
Check it out:

Did you hear what Joe Biden said? (interruption) Joe Biden said there really hasn’t been any change in hope and change. He claimed, Biden said, that the change promised by Barack Obama didn’t happen, and “National Journal’s Ron Fournier called Joe Biden’s claim … ‘a really bad moment for the White House,’ [because] it undermines the central premise of Obama’s election to the presidency in 2008.

“Fournier appeared on CNN’s … to discuss the vice president’s inconvenient admission on Wednesday. ‘There must be a clip after that where he says, “Hey, I’m just kidding,” Fournier remarked. ‘[The vice president] basically conceded the original sin of the Obama presidency, which is, “We promised to at least start changing Washington, and we failed.” And then later on, what he does say there is,'” they promised hope and change and it “didn’t happen.”

Now, there are two schools of thought on this, because note what Fournier thinks the change is. Fournier thinks that the change is Washington. Now, when Barack Obama promised “hope and change” and the average American voter bought into it, what do you think the average American voter thought Obama intended to change? Now, I will concede, as we all will, that there was a lot of anger at George W. Bush.

Some of it justified but a lot of it manufactured, folks, over a four- to five-year intense period of media hammering Bush on virtually everything. And Obama did campaign on the basis that he could end partisanship. We were gonna be post-racial. We were gonna be post-partisan. It was going to be a new day. The world would love us, and there wouldn’t be any acrimony anymore.

I will acknowledge that some people might have think Obama meant he was gonna change Washington in the sense that people are gonna start getting along with each other, and people are gonna start cooperating with each other and it’s gonna be a kumbaya utopia. But I never thought that’s what Obama meant with hope and change. I never for a moment thought that’s what.



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