Chaos everywhere, yet Obama is hitting the bars.
Check it out:

Obama was offered some choom out there in wherever. I can’t keep up with him. (interruption) He was in Denver? He’s out there playing pool. We got a border crisis and he’s out there playing pool. Somebody offered him a hit, a doobie. He had to be tempted. You know he had to be tempted. ‘Cause he’s out there, the last thing this guy can afford to look like is the president right now. He’s got to look like anything other than the president in order to stay in tight with the low-information pop culture crowd.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen, that is part and parcel the Limbaugh Theorem. When all of this chaos is visiting the country, he can’t act in charge of it. He’s gotta act like he’s just one of the guys and he’s upset by it, too, and this is how he’s dealing with it. He’s hanging around with the peeps. He’s running around shooting pool. He’s going to bars. Some loco weed actually offered the president of the United States a hit!

In fact, we have the sound bite. It’s the very last one. Grab number nine, it’s only three seconds. You’re gonna have to listen fast to this. It’s in a bar where they sell adult beverages. There’s a pool table, and Obama’s in there shooting pool. He’s relating to the people, and he was asked whether he wanted to smoke marijuana by a fellow patron in the bar.

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