Americans Do NOT Want Amnesty; Blame Obama for the Flood of Child Refugees, Iraq Crisis, IRS Scandal

Obama has made the world into a royal mess.
Check it out:

Democrats are making it clear to anybody in the world — no, no. I take it back. They’re making it clear to the poor of the world that they’ve got a home here. All you gotta do is get here, and the law is they can’t be sent back. What’ll happen is that an effort will be made to find their parents and unite them with their parents here. I’m gonna have to double-check, but I think the contiguous aspect of immigration law does date back to Bush. I’m pretty sure that I read that accurately last night.

In another related bit of news, this is from The Daily Caller: “Only one in five Americans want to see additional immigration.” That’s 20%. Only 20% of the American people want additional immigration. What are the Democrats telling the Republicans? “You better sign on to it or you’re never gonna get another Hispanic vote and you’re never gonna win the presidency, and we Democrats, we really want you to win the presidency now and then so we can blame everything on you. We don’t want you never to win it, but you’re gonna have to get some love from the Hispanics here.” So the Republicans are buying into that left and right, obviously.

“Only one in five Americans want to see additional immigration, while two in five Americans want less immigration, says a new Gallup poll. The June 27 Gallup poll helps to explain why the GOP’s rejected the media-touted lobbying push for the Senate’s June 2013 immigration-boosting bill.” The Regime has this polling data, too. This is why they’re doubling down on the other direction. They’re trying to scare the Republicans, “You better get this done. You better get this done by August. You better get there or you don’t have a prayer.” The Democrats want it done because it won’t get done after November when they lose the elections.

But see, if what Obama says is true, the vast majority of Americans do want amnesty. He’s out there saying (imitating Obama), “This is what the American people want. It’s clear. And the Hispanic population of America, it’s clear.” So he’s out there misrepresenting public opinion on this. If what Obama claims is true, that the vast majority of Americans want amnesty, then I guarantee you the Republicans in Congress would be tripping all over themselves to pass it.

But just as Obama lied about how America wanted Obamacare, he’s lying amnesty. Twenty percent of the American people want additional immigration. If it were 50% or more, the Republicans, you couldn’t stop them.

“Progressives and business groups have spent at least $1.5 billion since 2008 pushing for increased immigration, and routinely insist that the public supports their version of comprehensive immigration reform.”



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