7 Ways Hunters Can Hammer The Anti-Hunting Lunatics

Liberals think food magically appears at Wal-Mart.
Check it out:

This past week, Facebook removed a page dedicated to the death of a Texas Tech cheerleader named Kendall Jones. The page was titled, “Kill Kendall Jones”.Charming, eh?

Why did 300-400 people want to kill Kendall? Are y’all ready? Are you sitting down? It was because Miss Jones legally hunts animals that aren’t endangered, that’s why.

Yep, hunting is verboten to this small pocket of crazies, and for that reason, according to them, Kendall should be killed. Anyone else see anything weird in that warped line of reasoning? From what I’ve been able to deduce in studying the anti-hunters and their ability to reason, they’re similar to ISIS, Boko Haram and Lindsay Lohan.

At first Facebook said they found nothing “offensive” about the anti-hunters‘, “Kill Kendall Jones” page. They did find Kendall’s pics of legally hunted animals offensive and thus removed them, but initially, from July 2nd to July 10th, they found no fault with a page dedicated to the murder of a law-abiding, 19yr. old coed. That was an “iffy”, grey area to FB.



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