World Leaders Think Obama Must be Stopped

Seems that nobody can stop Obama. His power hungry ways have no limits.
Check it out:

Fascinating story here. It really is. This is from the Sydney Morning Herald: “Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott is seeking a conservative alliance among ‘like-minded’ countries, aiming to dismantle global moves to introduce carbon pricing, and undermine a push by US President Barack Obama to push the case for action through forums such as the G20.”

Let me translate. Obama is not just attempting to establish a carbon tax here, and he’s not just using the EPA — this is something also that happened right at the beginning of my vacation. The EPA, it’s been long coming. It was not out of the blue. The EPA was just going to institute regulations that would require power plants to reduce emissions by 30%. It was aimed at coal-fired power plants, and it’s not possible. He was going to put a bunch of power plants out of business, and in the process raise electricity rates through the roof. It’s bad. And, by the way, speaking of the Clintons, the first person who wanted to do this was Bill Clinton. He was the first guy to propose a carbon tax way back in the campaign from 1992 after he’s elected and inaugurated in 1993.

This is a wet dream for these people, but Obama has really pushed the envelope and the EPA has been granted the right by the Supreme Court to do this willy-nilly without any act of Congress, just require a 30% reduction in emissions. It isn’t possible! We’ve got nothing to replace it with. There is no substitute for coal. There’s no substitute for oil. Natural gas is the closest thing we have, but it still is not a total substitute.

So the prime minister of Australia is trying to form an alliance of like-minded countries to oppose Obama on this, because Obama is not just trying to wreck the domestic energy industry, but the world. He wants everybody to go along with his emissions plan. And of course the ChiComs will not. Oh. That’s another thing that happened. Folks, this happened again very early when I was gone. AP, Reuters, one of the two, ran a story quoting, ostensibly, an official from the ChiCom government saying that the ChiComs would go along and reduce their carbon emissions by 30% if the United States did.



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