You Won’t Believe Obama’s Display of Disrespect to Our Military

Has Obama ever really shown respect to our military?
Check it out:

When a member of the armed services salutes the president, the commander-in-chief is supposed to salute back. Having never served in the military, Obama doesn’t quite understand such things. As he entered Marine One, the official presidential helicopter, while in Europe in May 2013, Barack Obama walked right by the Marine who saluted him and up the stairs into the helicopter. This isn’t the first time he has dissed a Marine in this manner.

After someone in the plane says something to Obama upon his entry, he turns back around and heads over to the Marine. However, he still does not salute him. He stands before the Marine, touches his arm, speaks to him, then shakes his hand.

While a handshake is a nice gesture, albeit an afterthought in this case, the salute is a sign of respect. Given that fact, should we be surprised that Obama has a problem saluting the Marines? After all, we are talking about the POTUS who had a Marine hold an umbrella over him while he gave a speech in the rain. This also sheds light on his treatment of veterans with the VA Scandal, cutting of their benefits of our military and veterans, closure of veteran memorials, and chewing gum during the 70th Anniversary ceremony of D-Day.



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