We’ve Lived Democrat Policies for the Last Six Years and the Country is Going to Hell

Liberal policies are about bigger government, not about what is best for everyone.
Check it out:

We are living Democrat policies to the max. The economy contracted 3%. People are out of work. A hundred million people aren’t working. We are living under Democrat policies, and the country is going to hell! We are living six years under Democrat policies. People have lost their health care. They have lost their jobs. They have lost their ambition. They have lost faith in the country. They’ve lost faith in themselves. Young people are hopeless. They’re not optimistic. They’re not ambitious. The Southern border is wide open. We are entertaining an inflow of a further group of people that’s uneducated and poor.

We are putting pressure on middle-class people and the job market unlike it’s ever seen before. All of this is Democrat policy, and yet what do we get from Beinart? Mitt Romney’s policies would hurt the poor. Mitt Romney hangs around with rich people. Who the hell are the Clintons hanging around with? Who the hell is Obama hanging around with? Where do they vacation? Martha’s Vineyard? Who the hell lives there? Cape Cod? Who lives there? They’re not hanging around average people. They are the rich, and they’re hanging around the rich, and they want to be even richer.

And yet here’s Peter Beinart saying (imitating Beinart), “Well, yeah, Mitt Romney, his policies benefit the rich. That’s all he cares about. He hangs around the rich, and the Republican policies, all they’re gonna do is help the rich.” What the hell? The rich are getting richer, the income gap is getting wider, the poor are getting poorer, the economy is shrinking, and it’s all happening after six years of unchecked Democrat policy. That one sound bite is the sum total of — and there’s no push-back. There is nobody in Washington, as a Republican, who will stand up and even get close to saying what I’m saying here to push back against this.

The Republicans run around with their tails between their legs acting guilty about hanging around with the rich and policies that only benefit the rich, and it’s BS. Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular Republican presidents ever. Take a look at what happened to middle class income and wealth accumulation during the 1980s. Everybody benefited, everybody did well. It was an economic boom that lasted into the nineties.

Beinart simply does not know what he’s talking about. He’s just rattling off a bunch of protected, given syllables, saying what you’re supposed to say when you live inside the Beltway bubble of conventional wisdom with no independent or creative thought whatsoever, and it’s all drivel and bilge, in addition to being flat-out wrong.



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