Wake Up! Lois Lerner’s E-mails Aren’t Lost

This is such baloney and foolish that anyone is taking this excuse seriously.
Check it out:

We’re supposed to believe that Lois Lerner’s computer crashed. It wasn’t even a system crash, it was just her computer and all of her e-mails are gone. In fact, before that, there was a request for her e-mails way back a long time ago, and the IRS said, “You know, there’s so much data that it would take us way, way, way too long to redact secret information before we could release these e-mails.”

Jason Chaffetz asked the IRS commissioner, “You gonna comply with the subpoena?” This is a story about the request for these e-mails long time ago. “The Internal Revenue Service said Friday it has lost a trove of emails to and from a central figure in the agency’s tea party controversy, sparking outrage from congressional investigators who have been probing the agency for more than a year. The IRS told Congress Friday it cannot locate many of Lois Lerner’s emails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year.”

Why are we just hearing about this now? But these e-mails would have been on other servers and other computers that did not crash. So we have here a classic late Friday evening news dump, and the IRS is claiming they can’t locate many of her e-mails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year, which is preposterous. The Regime may not know that I know this, but since the Eisenhower administration, every federal agency’s required to have a Continuity of Operations Plan. COOP is the acronym. And the COOP plan requires that they make and store duplicates of everything. These duplicates are maintained in another safe location in the event records are destroyed by fire or natural disaster or nuclear attack.

If you stop and think about this, this is common sense. There’s more than one copy of everything the government’s doing. In fact, it’s so massive, they then say, “Well, that’s why we can’t find it. I mean, there’s so much out there that we don’t know what to redact. It’d take us too long to go through all of these e-mails to figure out what to redact.” On top of that, Congress was assured by the IRS commissioner under oath that Lois Lerner’s e-mails were all archived. That was last summer when all of this was going down. So this is just another example of the White House insulting our intelligence with their in-your-face lies, is what this is.



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