US Military Forced to Submit to Sharia Law During Ramadan!

This wouldn’t be surprising from Obama.
Check it out:

US soldiers are being forced to submit to Sharia Law during Ramadan. This not only is against the First Amendment, but also the UCMJ.

Being a soldier is a thankless job. You put your life on the line. You don’t get Christmas or Easter off. You get told during the shut down that your religious leader can’t come on base and preach to you or they will get an Article 15. Now, you are being told that they don’t care if you are Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, or Christian, you will submit to Sharia Law during Ramadan.

Our own troops are now being told that they must adhere to strict Sharia Law in the countries of Bahrain and all other Muslim countries to “respect” their holiday. More importantly, they are subject to dawah (proselytizing) by an Islamic cultural adviser at the Naval Support Activity in Bahrain and other military forced activities. Reports indicate that the religious fast will be in effect for all soldiers on base, as well as no smoking or alcohol for the entire month.

There is no equal time equivalent given to any other faith in service, and it is against the First Amendment for our government to force ANY religious activity on our soldiers. According to the UCMJ, forcing a soldier’s faith is punishable by Military Tribunal and Court Marshal.



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