US flying F-18 surveillance missions over Iraq

Is this Obama trying to look like he is doing something without really doing anything?
Check it out:

The United States is flying F-18 surveillance missions over Iraq from an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, officials confirm to Fox News, as President Obama weighs options for “increased security assistance” in the country.

The surveillance missions are being launched from the USS George HW Bush. It was already known that the Obama administration had authorized “manned and unmanned” surveillance flights, but F-18’s are not traditional surveillance aircraft — they are attack aircraft.

“It’s not so much about looking as it is being seen,” a U.S. official told Fox News.

Obama is thought to be leaning away from pursuing airstrikes in Iraq, as the Iraqi government and Shiite militias battle Sunni militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. But, after the president met Wednesday afternoon with top congressional leaders in the Oval Office, the White House confirmed Obama still is weighing various military options.

The White House said Obama reviewed with lawmakers “our efforts to strengthen the capacity of Iraq’s security forces to confront the threat from [ISIS], including options for increased security assistance.”



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