“Uncle Toms for Thad” Sends Libs into Orbit

Liberals don’t get irony one bit.
Check it out:

Just as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning, the Drive-By Media and several Democrat consultants are simply shocked, shocked that I would dare call Democrat voters who voted for old Thad, Uncle Toms. And of course they did not listen to the program so they did not hear it in context. They know nothing of the flier that was sent out by the Thad campaign and probably some Democrats as well. And there’s a bunch of Republican consultants, they’re out there celebrating.

This is another thing here that will drive you nuts. There’s some Republican consultants actually celebrating. They think they’ve broken ground. They think they’ve finally attracted black voters! They have crossed, what is it, a milestone, a miracle has happened. And you gotta hand it to Donna Brazile. Donna Brazile’s out there applauding them for thinking this, “Oh, yeah, old Thad, I mean, he really came to their rescue after Hurricane Katrina. Old Rush Limbo didn’t go down there and help ’em out. And George Bush didn’t go down there and help. Old Thad was down there helping.”

Oh, so we’re now supposed to believe that there has been a seminal change and that we can expect 8% of African-Americans to start voting Republican now. (laughing) People actually think that this has happened and they are shocked, shocked, shocked. Of course, I’m now back to my entertainer days by daring to call those voters Uncle Toms. Again, they didn’t hear it in context so they do not know. Well, they probably do. See, that’s the thing. But maybe not. I was simply reacting to the flier that was spread out all over a couple of key counties in Mississippi.

We showed you the flier on the Dittocam yesterday telling black voters that McDaniel, the Tea Party guy, was trying to suppress their vote. That you had to get out and vote because the Tea Party didn’t want black people to vote. So they showed up in droves to vote against him, and we’ve actually got Republican consultants who think that this is a new day, that this actually represents the success of the — (laughing) — I can’t keep a straight face. (laughing) Republican leadership, all these years of outreach has finally paid off.



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