The Truth About Cheney, the Democrats and Saddam’s WMD

It is amazing that they are still trying to distort the Bush record.
Check it out:

Everybody wants to sit here and second-guess going into Iraq. What everybody ought to be second-guessing is the election of Barack Obama, if you want to know the truth. That’s what we ought to be second-guessing. Now, look, I’m not gonna sit here and just blindly ignore some things. Cheney was wrong; we were not gonna be greeted as liberators in there. It’s a Shi’a country. It’s an Islamic country.

That’s why it’s screwed up, from our perspective. But everything else about this? Bush put together this coalition; everybody was in favor of it. Every Democrat in Washington demanded another vote on the use-of-force authorization — demanded it so that they could be on record as supporting it — and then they cut and ran shortly after. They… They’re… I don’t know. It’s just amazing what they get away with.

They voted against it. Public opinion excoriated them and they demanded a revote so that they could all be on the same side as the American people. Two years later they started to disrupt and tear down public opinion on this. Then Cheney said, “Look, after 9/11 we were concerned about a follow-on attack that would not just be airline tickets and box cutters, but maybe nuclear weapons.” They had to be concerned about everything.

9/11 was huge. It was the first attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor, and the threats were all over the place that more were coming. It couldn’t be treated as a one off. Any responsible adult in leadership in this country had to take things seriously. Going into Iraq, there were two things in mind: Prevention and then the democratization, hoping to establish a beacon of freedom. This was always a long shot.



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