Thad Cochran’s Coalition of the Lied To

Liberal Republicans need to become an endangered species.
Check it out:

They will not in any way, shape, manner, or form support a Tea Party idea or candidate. But they want the Tea Party to think so. This is the great trick that they’re trying to perpetrate here. The establishment wants the Tea Party, even after this debacle in Mississippi, to think that they’re in support in some ways.

But I want to go back the first point you made. Democrats use the African-American vote to cement their power, yet Democrat policies have destroyed the black family. Democrat policies are keeping African-Americans poor. They are denying African-Americans opportunity and so forth. But African-Americans continue to vote for ’em. Yet what do they do?

They then go tell these same African-Americans they’ve gotta vote for this Republican, Thad Cochran, because that Republican is gonna take away everything we’ve given you. So obviously the African-American vote does not see the Democrat Party’s effect on your life the way you and I see it. They see the Democrat Party as great saviors. Even if the Democrat Party really doesn’t do anything for ’em economically, they are convinced that the Republican Party will…

I don’t know. Do what to ’em? Not let ’em vote? I don’t know what. The irony of this is that both parties went to voters who are traditionally told, “Don’t ever vote for a Republican! It’s gonna be the end of every good thing that ever happen to you,” and they end up voting for a Republican, Thad Cochran in this case, despite being told for 50 years to never, ever do that.

“You’re an Uncle Tom if you do that!” Yet they went out and did it, and they went out and did it because they were lied to, which seems to be rather easy to do. This group seems susceptible to lies. They were lied to, and they were told that the Tea Party candidate was gonna try to suppress their vote and deny them liberty and freedom or whatever else, and they believed it.



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