Teen Confronts Nancy Pelosi On NSA Spying

Pelosi dances all over the place on this one. And of course blames Bush!
Check it out:

Nancy Pelosi was caught in an embarrassing moment and forced to bumble a response when confronted by teenage activist Andrew Demeter about the NSA’s mass surveillance program.

Asked why she supported the NSA’s “ubiquitous and illegal data collection,” Pelosi seemed unsteady in her response, remarking, “I, I, do not, I have questions about the metadata collection that they were, uh, collecting unless they had a reason to do so, so I found, uh, so I was one, I didn’t, I didn’t support, Amash – that resolution – I didn’t think that was the appropriate resolution – but I do think that the burden is on the, uh, department and I have fought them for years on the wide swath that they have put out there.”

Demeter, a former Infowars Nightly News guest, followed up by remarking, “You did vote for a bill to continue funding for the NSA though,” to which Pelosi responded, “Yeah of course, I don’t think we should not fund the National Security Agency, no, they do many many things.”

“Isn’t the NSA a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment?” asked Demeter, a question which Pelosi sidestepped by asserting that the NSA performed many different functions. The former Speaker of the House then blamed the Bush administration for going “too far” after 9/11.



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