Sudan charges Sudan mom with using phony travel documents

They will say anything to try and get her killed.
Check it out:

The Christian mom freed after being sentenced to death in Sudan is back in a Khartoum lockup for allegedly using phony documents in a bid to flee the Islamic nation.

Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth in prison after being sentenced to death in May for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity, was detained with her husband, Daniel Wani, at Khartoum airport Tuesday as she tried to leave the country. Although sources close to her legal team said she is in a Khartoum jail, Seif Yasin, spokesman for the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, told that Ibrahim is “free to leave Sudan, she just has to do it legally.”

“It is regrettable and disturbing that some elements attempted to bring Meriam to U.S by issuing her an entry visa on a fraudulent traveling document obtained from a foreign country (for a woman the whole world knows … is [a] Sudanese national ),” Yasin said in a statement. “That is inexcusable and unnecessary violations for all laws and regulations, including U.S. ones. The same legal system that protects her right and secures her freedom is capable of guaranteeing her right to leave the country whenever the legal procedure comes to an end.”



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