State Dept Dodges Questions About Timing Of Capture

Since this guy had been interviewed already by the media, it seems that we weren’t looking for him very hard.
Check it out:

Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki repeatedly refused to explain why the administration waited over two years to capture suspected Benghazi ringleader Ahmed Abu Khattala in a Tuesday press briefing.

Khattala, whose capture was announced earlier Tuesday, met with reporters in public places several times in the two years since the attack and was not considered to be in hiding.

When asked by Fox News correspondent James Rosen whether there had been “an egregious delay” in Khattala’s capture, Psaki vehemently disagreed, saying that “there are a range of factors that are taken into account, and in terms of the right timing for operations along these lines, the president made a decision with the support of the national security team about the timing, and obviously it was successful.”

After being pressed on the issue, she doubled down, affirming that the administration has “taken every step possible to do that as quickly as possible, but taking on operations of these kinds are difficult, and there are a range of factors involved, and… this was undertaken as quickly as possible, given the circumstances.”



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