Sonic Robbed Same Day Gun Ban Announced

Liberals love to make easy targets.
Check it out:

Breitbart News reported that Sonic restaurants asked law-abiding “customers [to] refrain from bringing guns” to their restaurants on May 30.
On that same day, according The Topeka Capital Journal, two individuals who may have realized law-abiding citizens were unarmed walked into a Topeka, Kansas Sonic and robbed it.

According to police, the suspects are two black males, both of whom were wearing hoodies and white pants.

This same thing happened to Jack in the Box once they asked law-abiding citizens to quit carrying guns in their restaurants.

On May 11 Breitbart News reported Jack in the Box told law abiding citizens they would “prefer” they not carry guns into the restaurants. On May 13 there was a shooting at a Nashville Jack in the Box and on May 18 and 20 there were armed robberies at Jack in the Box restaurants in Houston, TX.



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