Six Years In, and All Obama Does Is Complain About the Country He Leads

Obama likes to distract from the real issues of the day.
Check it out:

He’s six years in, what is this, “I promise you, you will have a president who will take action to support working families.” Six years in. And, by the way, Mr. President, the mayors and governors are a little bit preoccupied to be worried about this. From Reuters: “US mayors on Sunday called for Congress to draw up bipartisan legislation to address a surge of illegal immigrants into the United States and asked for help to ease the resulting financial burden on local governments.”

They don’t really have time for these trumped up family issues that are none of Congress’ business anyway! Pardon me for yelling. “The US Conference of Mayors said at their annual meeting in Dallas they are asking congressional Democrats and Republicans for legislation to increase border security and support city and state governments whose finances are being strained by costs associated to illegal immigration.” They don’t have time for Obama’s pet political issue of the day.

There are real-life catastrophes besetting all of the states out there, particularly on the Southern border. Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, a Republican and co-chair of the Immigration Reform Task Force, said, “Forget the D thing. Forget the R thing. This is an American issue.” Yeah, and so is women’s issues and be so is family issues. It’s all American issues.

We got problems everywhere, and all anybody’s doing is identifying them. Nobody’s addressing anything. What more the hell can we do to support families? We’ve got a hundred million Americans not working. We’ve got 11 million Americans on disability. What the hell is it that we’re not doing enough to support people? We’re supporting way more people than we should be!

There are tons of people not carrying their weight in this country, and I know what the reaction’s gonna be: “Oh, easy for you to say! This just proves you have no compassion.” No, it’s just the exact opposite. We are wasting the talents and the abilities of tens of millions of people in this country, all the while this president runs around and talks about how greedy and selfish the people of this country are ’cause we’re not supporting this.

We’re not supporting women’s issues or families issues?



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