The Regime Claims It “Recycled” Lois Lerner’s E-Mails

It is sad that they think the public is stupid enough to believe this lie.
Check it out:

“Ex-IRS Official: Lois Lerner’s Crashed Hard Drive Has Been Recycled, Making it Likely the Lost E-mails Will Never Be Found, According to Multiple Sources.” This is from Politico. Why would you…? This does not happen, folks. Darrell Issa has said this just doesn’t happen. E-mails don’t get recycled. Servers and hard drives don’t get recycled. This Regime certainly does not use recycled stuff.

If you’ve got a hard drive that’s crashed, and if it crashed ’cause it’s got bad sectors on it, why would you recycle that? Why would you recycle junk? “Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said, ‘We’ve been informed that the hard drive has been thrown away.'” Well, then why claim it was recycled? Does recycling it mean throwing it away?

There’s a vast difference in recycling and throwing something away, especially since it’s practically impossible to get all the data on a disk without a whole bunch of degaussing. Do you know what degaussing is, Snerdley? (interruption) Demagnetizing. You use a giant magnet in there, and you just run it over it. It’s how we used to erase, back in the old days. At the first radio station I worked at, everything was on reel-to-reel tape or cartridges.

You know, the consumer recorders always had an erase head before the record head, so he didn’t have to bulk erase. You could record over reel-to-real tape at home because it had the erase head. Broadcast equipment didn’t have that. You had to degauss. It was a circular machine with a handle that you pressed the button. It was a giant electromagnet and you put the real under it and you turn circles on it or on the tape cartridge.

That was how you erased that was called mass degaussing, and if you put one of those things in front of a TV screen you were screwed. We actually did some harmless little vandalism with some of my friends once; we degaussed half of their TV screen. (laughing) They were rich. They could afford another one. Anyway, that’s what you would have to do, if you wanted to.



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