I’ve always thought the gay movement wanted to get to the kids young while girls think boys are gross and boys think girls have cooties.
Check it out:

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

Every day this world evolves a little braver and newer, doesn’t it? This week’s evolutionary breakthrough comes courtesy of a particularly enlightened columnist at the Huffington Post, who’s advising all parents watch what you say…lest they offend their gay two-year-olds.

In the piece called “Your Toddler Might Be Gay,” Dana Sitar describes how she was taken aback that a stranger assumed her two-year-old could have or would have a “boyfriend.” Partially because no kid should be thinking about pairing off at that young age, which most thinking people understand. But the bulk of Sitar’s indignation goes to those parents “forcing heteronormative assumptions on yet another generation.”

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