Obama’s Purposeful Mess in Iraq

Obama thinks he can blame the mess on Bush.
Check it out:

One of the things that Obama was offering as a reason for us skedaddling was that he couldn’t secure any immunity for US troops from prosecution for war crimes and this kind of thing, and he wasn’t gonna put our troops in that kind of circumstance.

He was using that as an excuse to get out of there and to hightail it. Because what Obama wants in Iraq is essentially the same thing that he got with the death of bin Laden. He wanted to be able to say, “Okay, we got Saddam, and so it’s over, and Iraq’s done, and we’re out of there, and I’m coming home for a jobs summit” or whatever. Same thing he did with bin Laden.

“Okay, we got bin Laden, so Al-Qaeda is decimated, on the run,” and of course none of this is true. So the latest is from The Daily Beast: “Obama Flips on Immunity For US Troops in Iraq — Obama will take Iraq’s word for it,” i.e., Nouri al-Maliki is verbally assuring Obama “that US soldiers will not be prosecuted by [Iraq]’s courts as they defend Baghdad.”

Now, “President Obama pulled US forces out of Iraq in 2011 because he couldn’t get Iraq’s parliament to offer US soldiers immunity from Iraqi prosecution,” you know, should they rape and terrorize and this kind of thing and all this stuff that John Kerry readily believed our troops capable of doing. “But now Obama is promising to send in hundreds of special operations forces based on a written promise that these soldiers will not be tried in Iraq’s famously compromised courts for actions they are taking in defense of Baghdad.”

We had that last time, and this is nothing new. It’s just that Obama is deciding to accept it now. The bottom line is that while Obama has said that he’s just sending… What he said here is absolutely ridiculous. We’re gonna send in “advisors.” I had this in the Stack yesterday, but I didn’t get to it. Now, imagine this. He actually said, “We’re going to send in advisors, but both sides have to listen to ’em.”

Now, how asinine is that? Both sides? Meaning, ISIS (i.e., Al-Qaeda) and the Iraqi government have to listen to our advisors! You know, I was joking when Obama announced that we’re gonna send in 300 military advisors but that we’re not gonna do any military action. I said, “Well, that’s not fair. I mean, 300 military advisors for Iraq? What about the bad guys? Shouldn’t we give 150 advisors to them?”



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