Obama’s Gun Control Rant: We Should Be ‘Ashamed’

We should be ashamed that we are creating so many safe zones where people are easy targets for these evil thugs. If we encouraged people to defend themselves and be ready to protect against evil there wouldn’t be all these targets available.
Check it out:

On June 10 Obama took part in Q and A session hosted by Tumblr in which he said “mass shootings have become run of the mill” and the U.S. is “the only developed country… where this happens.”

Canada is “developed;” earlier on June 10 Breitbart News reported about a shooting in Moncton, New Brunswick, in which a gunman shot five Royal Canadian Mounted Police, killing three and leaving two in critical condition.

However, to Obama, it’s America that should be ashamed, and his “biggest frustration” is that Americans will not take “basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage.”

He said it was “stunning” that the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary came and went without new gun control laws.



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