Obama’s Going to “Borrow” Congressional Power for Amnesty?

This will send another big surge across the border.
Check it out:

“Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-amnesty FWD.us group is calling for a national ‘Day of Action’ on Thursday to pressure House Republicans to pass amnesty legislation.” Now, somebody needs to get a hold of Zuckerberg and tell him that it isn’t amnesty. His team is not to use that word. I am the only one permitted to use that word so that Chuck Schumer can go out and say that it isn’t amnesty. (imitating Schumer) “Rush Limbaugh calls it amnesty and people end up believing it and then we’ve got big problems.” But it isn’t amnesty, Chuck said yesterday. That’s not what we’re doing. Here’s Zuckerberg letting the cat out of the bag.

Zuckerberg’s group wrote an e-mail to their supporters yesterday, which means their donors. “This week marks one year since the Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform–and tomorrow, we are mobilizing supporters like you to tell House Republicans we cannot wait any longer to fix our broken system. It’s imperative Congress acts now and not later. That’s why we’re calling on reform’s biggest advocates to commit to calling Congress on the Day of Action tomorrow,” and get this done. Day of action for amnesty. Now, Zuckerberg, he’s Harvard, he dropped out, started Facebook. He’s what, 24, 25?

My question is, and I’m asking this in all sincerity and I don’t mean to be impugning him. Does this guy know anything about it? Is he fronting? Did the Chamber go to him, did the powerful Democrats go to him, “Hey, Mark, let me tell you something. You want to really make your business grow? You need to join us in amnesty.” Is he seduced by the close proximity to power, or did he actually know or think he knows? I’m just asking. I don’t know. (interruption) ‘Cause he’s spearheading this. He has put together a group and ostensibly his group consists of Democrats and Republicans and conservatives and liberals. I mean, it’s the essence of bipartisan. And I just wonder if — and again, I don’t mean to be insulting here at all. If any of you have 24-year-olds, I mean, how many of ’em are out there going to war on this and leading efforts and raising money and all that?



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