What If Obama Wants Democrats to Lose?

This would imply that Obama is smart and it doesn’t seem that he is very competent.
Check it out:

So what if Obama wants the Republicans to win the Senate? In the last two years of his Regime — oh, can you just hear it now? Everything he wants to do, the Republicans say “no.” Everything he wants to do, they stop him. Obama runs around and complains and starts pointing fingers at the Republicans as enemies of progress and whatever. The press carries that along and everybody ends up hating the Republicans, setting up the Democrats to win again in 2016? Not beyond the realm of possibility.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the things Obama would love is for the Republicans to actually impeach him, ’cause he thinks that would bring about a Democrat landslide. He’s not gonna look at this NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. He’s gonna see his popularity down, but he’s still gonna see, he’s still gonna think that he’s loved and adored because he’s the first black president. Anybody that tries to impeach him is going to catch hell.

I have thought even prior to today that Obama is trying to goad Republicans into doing this. Because he’s confident the American people will be outraged. No way are we gonna impeach Obama. So just something to think about. ‘Cause some of this stuff — he’s just getting warmed up. Some of the things that he’s doing are gonna make it real hard for Democrats who are running for reelection, make no mistake.



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