Obama: There’s No Military Solution in Iraq, So I’m Sending 300 Military Advisors — But They’re Not Gonna Take Sides

This is looking like another huge Obama screw-up.
Check it out:

Here’s a little preliminary. Obama made his statement. He’s now asking sycophantic questions from the Drive-Bys. Essentially what Obama said is that there is no military solution inside of Iraq, certainly not one led by the United States. Okay. What is happening inside Iraq right now? Would you describe it as a military action? You got the bad guys, ISIS, and they are using weapons and terror and terrorism and intimidation and bullying and weapons and they’re pulling triggers and bullets are being fired, people are killed and so forth.

It’s a civil war, right? Okay. It’s a war. It’s a mass terrorist attack. But would you describe it as — are they using military tactics? (interruption) Okay. Okay. They’re not using words, doctors, nurses, clean water. They’re not negotiating with anybody or — (interruption) Right, killing people on the march. That’s right, they’re killing people and breaking things. And Obama says there’s no military solution to that, and certainly not one led by the United States. What moral authority do we have to tell these people they’re wrong? That’s number one.

Number two. President Obama said the United States is going to send up to 300 military advisors to Iraq and set up a Joint Operations Center. Even though there is no military solution, we’re gonna send 300 military advisors. What are they gonna advise? No, there is no military solution. Obama said there’s no military solution. We’re sending military advisors.

So it must be we’re going to teach the Iraqis how to negotiate, how to appease. That’s what we’re good at. That must be it. We’re gonna instruct them on the finest and latest in appeasement tactics. (interruption) The Iraqis are being overrun. What are you dumping on the Iraqis for? (interruption) They dumped their weapons and ran because they’ve got no support.

Maybe what Obama’s gonna do is maybe we’re gonna counsel them on how to arrange like a tie, you know, so that nobody wins, so that nobody loses. That’s what it is. There’s no military solution ’cause that would mean loses, and that’s not applicable in the twenty-first century. John Kerry’s told us this. There’s no winners and losers in the twenty-first century. There’s nobody’s happy with that kind of circumstance. So we’re gonna send our military advisors over there to teach them to appease and play for a tie so that everybody will either be happy or miserably the same.



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