Obama Strips Redskins Trademark

Obama has the power of the federal government to do anything he wants whenever he wants.
Check it out:

I want you to imagine the federal government eliminating your private property rights due to the interpretation of political correctness by five people, or a very tiny minority of people. The tiny minority of people are ostensibly, they say, offended by something that you own. Imagine an agency of the federal government, without any proper adjudication before any sort of court, tribunal, or what have you, just comes along and, on their own whim, decides to eliminate your private property rights. Because of interpretation of political correctness, because they’re liberals, because they’re statists and authoritarians and assigned to them that kind of sweeping power.

That’s exactly what the Washington Redskins are dealing with today. The Patent and Trademark Office simply eliminated their right of the Redskins to own that trademark. It doesn’t mean they have to change their name. What it means is that if — and there will be a series of appeals on this. The Redskins will not go down without a war dance. After all the appeals, if this ruling holds, it means that anybody can use the Redskins trademark and logo for anything, that the Washington Redskins do not own their name. That’s what this ruling means. They don’t have the right because some people are offended. It can be spread around. If you, Snerdley, wanted to start selling caps or T-shirts with the word “Redskins” or “Washington Redskins” and use their logo, you could, because they don’t have the right to own it, even though they do own it.

Imagine the federal government taking away your health insurance and your doctor. That’s what millions of Americans are dealing with, many more millions to come. Imagine the federal government shutting down coal-fired electric plants on a whim in the name of a hoax, global warming. And as a result, driving up your electricity bills to the point that you have to make life-altering changes in your lifestyle to be able to afford them. And about that, I want to issue you another warning, ladies and gentlemen.

I remember back in 1997 when the Sierra Club targeted SUVs as main contributors to global warming. I warned you that there was going to be an all-out assault and increasing amount of momentum aimed at SUVs and their owners and an attempt to stigmatize those people and their vehicles, make them feel guilty and get rid of them. And people said, “Come on, Rush, do you see liberals in virtually everything?”



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