Obama seeks up to $1B for US military in Europe amid Russia fears

This doesn’t make any sense. What is Obama’s game plan here?
Check it out:

On the first day of a four-day European trip that will include a remembrance of D-Day and much discussion about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, President Obama called on Congress to approve up to $1 billion in spending on additional U.S. air and ground forces in Europe.

The initiative was announced while Obama was in Warsaw, Poland, the first stop on his three-country tour, which comes as the president attempts to ease anxiety among NATO allies who are wary of Russia’s threatening moves in Ukraine. The White House said the funding would be used to increase military exercises and training missions, as well as rotations of air and ground forces, on the continent.

Officials said Obama was also seeking to ramp up U.S. Navy participation in NATO deployments in the Black and Baltic Seas, plus working to boost the military capacity of non-NATO countries that sit on Russia’s border, including Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

Minutes after landing in Poland, Obama declared that European security was the “cornerstone of our own security and it is sacrosanct.”



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