Obama Owns What’s Happening in Iraq

Obama is doing a good job of blaming Bush, but those who can think a little will know that Bush left a victory in Iraq.
Check it out:

Military Times: “Security at the US embassy in Baghdad was bolstered and some staff members were being moved out of Iraq’s capital city as it was threatened by the advance of an Al-Qaeda inspired insurgency…” Would you believe there’s even hashtag? This group’s called ISIS, and there’s a hashtag: #StopISISnow.

That was the one thing Obama didn’t try last week was the hashtag, in his speech on Friday before leaving to play golf. Man, I’ll tell you. What a weekend this guy had with his anti-global warming commencement address and going to play golf in Palm Springs while all this is going on. A lot of people are fit to be tied. Folks, I’m gonna tell you.

It’s very hard for me to sit here, but I’m checking the e-mail during the break. There are so many people outraged over what’s going on in Iraq. Understandably, but, you know, there’s a part of me that says, “Look, what did you think was going to happen with people like this in charge of it? This has been…” I don’t know. I don’t know how to say this anymore. This has been my point ever since January of 2009.

I am saddened and outraged and angry about all of this that’s happening. But I am not surprised by any of it. Okay, so about a hundred Marines and soldiers sent to Baghdad to help with embassy security. All you need to know is that we might end up having to rely on Iran to deal with this ISIS/Al-Qaeda insurgency in Iraq. I don’t care what anybody tried to do…



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