Could Obama Issue a Blanket Pardon for Illegal Immigrants?

The lawlessness of Obama has no bounds, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Check it out:

Have you forgotten Jimmy Carter did a blanket pardon of all Vietnam-era draft dodgers? Do you recall that? Some of you are not old enough to remember that, but he did. Look, this is just a prediction by Steven Hayward at Power Line. I read it last night. Again, the thinking is that the Democrats would love for the Republicans to try to impeach Obama. They think that that alone would end the Republican Party.

They really do. Do not doubt that. They’re way off in that. The Democrats do not understand — and I mean this. They do not understand that we have political opinions. They don’t understand that they’re a minority, in the terms of the circumstances of how people live their lives. They do not understand that. They live under this false impression that they are, and have taken over a majority of the thinking and behavior in this country.

So they believe, even with Obama’s approval numbers down, that he is still loved and respected. “People may be down on him right now because the economy’s bad, but at the end of the day if the Republicans impeach Obama, the people of this country will rise up in righteous indignation at the Republicans! ‘How dare you? We elected that man! This is the first African-American president. How dare you?'”

In truth, it would be the exact opposite. If Barack Obama ever issued a blanket pardon for every illegal immigrant, it would result in the biggest landslide defeat of the Democrat Party there has ever been in this country. Because in addition to those being pardoned, you’re going to have a bunch of real hardened criminals.

You’re gonna have rapists, murderers, purse snatchers who have committed crimes in addition to being here illegally. So if this were to actually happen — and, obviously, it’s a long shot — I think the end result would be blanket disaster for the Democrat Party. But I also think that Hayward might be mistaken here. Because we had a sound bite on the program yesterday from Brit Hume at Fox News.

He said that immigration reform has nothing to do with pardoning the illegals.



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