Obama Greases the Skids of American Decline

Obama’s complete incompetence makes me doubt he has a grand plan.
Check it out:

If Obama had had his way, we would have gone to war to put ISIS in power in Syria. Have people forgotten that this is the same group — ISIS in Iraq is the same group — that in Syria that we were almost going to throw Bashar Assad overboard for? This was the “red line.” We drew line (Obama did) and dared Assad to cross the red line, and all along — as we suspected from the beginning and said so — it was Al-Qaeda-related groups making themselves look like average, ordinary citizens.

This did not look like standard, ordinary behavior from Bashar Assad. Search your memory banks, folks. If you recall, if Obama had had his way with this red line business, we would have gotten rid of Assad, which would have put ISIS in power in Syria! That’s the kind of mastermind he is when it comes to foreign policy. The sad thing is that Obama probably still regrets not using force to topple Assad and give the country over to the ISIS terrorists.

I don’t want to be misunderstood. It’s not that Obama is pro-terrorist. He’s just got this thing about people in power, that they’re unworthy of it, unjustified — particularly the United States.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, the point here is that Obama is not just managing the decline. Let me tell you why. You know an airplane, the wing design is such that if you achieve the right speed, the airplane wants to fly. That’s what it wants to do. The natural thing for an airplane to do, that’s designed properly, is to fly. Race down the runway, the right speed is attained, and the air pressure is such that you get a differential that causes lift. It wants to fly.

Ditto the United States economy, the greatest economy, the greatest economy because of its free market principles and its devotion to the individual and rugged individualism, entrepreneurism. The American economy wants to grow. The natural order of things, by its design, is to grow. If the United States economy is in decline then it’s a cyclical thing that we go through with maybe a recession here, a small recession there, recovery. There’s a cyclical pattern to these things and in many cases you can peg recessions to policy decisions, sometimes not. If it were simply policy then we could prevent them forever, if we wanted to.



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