Obama eyes ‘Special Forces’ in Iraq

You can be confident that Obama will screw this up.
Check it out:

President Obama plans to huddle with top congressional leaders on Wednesday to discuss ramping up U.S. involvement in the Iraq crisis, and is said to be leaning toward sending U.S. special forces into the country.

White House officials stress that several options remain on the table and no decision has been made. But the president reportedly has, for now, ruled out using airstrikes against the Al Qaeda-inspired Sunni Muslim insurgency that has seized vast swaths of territory in the north and west of Iraq.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the concern is that U.S. commanders lack sufficient intelligence to determine clear battlefield targets.

A senior official told Fox News that the president instead appears to be leaning toward sending roughly 100 special forces into the region. Such a contingent presumably would be sent to help train the Iraqi military and boost intelligence available to the Iraqis.

The president likely will use his meeting with top congressional leaders Wednesday afternoon to take their pulse on these options, recognizing that his Democratic colleagues may be a tougher sell. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, among those set to attend the Oval Office meeting, has voiced concern about any U.S. involvement in the sectarian crisis in Iraq.



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