North Korea Says It’s Detained Another American

They hear that the going rate for American’s has dramatically gone up! They could probably get a few nukes for each.
Check it out:

An American tourist has been detained in North Korea for allegedly committing an unspecified crime, the country’s official news agency reported Friday.

The Korean Central News Agency said authorities were investigating the American for allegedly committing acts inconsistent with the purpose of a tourist visit. It did not give details

KCNA said the American went to North Korea on April 29.

A U.S. State Department official said in a statement provided to CBS News that the department “is aware of reports” about the detention but had no information on it yet. The official stressed a previously issued warning that, “The Department of State strongly recommends against all travel by U.S. citizens to North Korea due to the risk of arbitrary detention or arrest.”

The person would be the third American currently held in North Korea.



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